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Since 1980 we have been providing superior European craftsmanship when it comes to plastering and dry walling homes and businesses in New Jersey and New York. Small/repair jobs welcomed.

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At Bestwall Plastering, we are committed to superior services for residential and commercial properties. Our plastering contractor offers plastering services for all your New York, New Jersey and Connecticut home improvement and repair needs. Working mainly with homeowners and general contractors, our licensed and insured company guarantees all of our quality workmanship, which is backed by years of experience.Read More

What Clients Say

Kieran was prompt, courteous and professional. I would not hesitate to use him in the future for big or small jobs. Highly recommended.[...]
- Brooklyn, NYRead More

Very professional. Excellent job and I would definitely recommend Kieran for another job.[...]
- Jersey City, N.J.Read More

Skilled Plasterwork Repair & Installation Artisans

Plasterwork is one of the most ancient of handicrafts employed in connection with building operations, the earliest evidence showing that the dwellings of primitive man were erected in a simple fashion with sticks and plastered with mud. Soon a more lasting and sightly material was found and employed to take the place of mud or slime, and that perfection in the compounding of plastering materials was approached at a very remote period is made evident by the fact that some of the earliest plastering which has remained undisturbed excels in its scientific composition that which we use at the present day.

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