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What You Need To Know About Water Damage

What you need to know about water damage

There are a variety of things that can cause water damage. Flooding from hurricanes, torrential downpours, leaky pipes, or backed up sewage can all cause water to flow into even the most secure parts of your home and cause serious damage in no time at all. Still, it's possible to minimize and even restore you home regardless of how much damage there is. Below are some simple tips that can help you deal with water damage effectively.

The First 72 Hours

The very first thing you need to understand when dealing with water damage is that time is already against you. Within the first few days of a flood everything begins to happen. Rust and mold start developing, Bacteria and other harmful contaminants begin developing. Wood, concrete, and metal immediately begin deteriorating; and, structurally, your home is already weakening.

This all happens within a matter of 2-3 days of a major flood. The key is to act as fast as possible without delay. The sooner you contact a professional cleaning and restoration company, the better your chances of allowing immediate, short term damage, turn into long-term costly damage. Do not assume that things will just take care of themselves, because they will not. They'll only get worse.

Two Important Phone Calls

Once major flooding happens in your home, and it is clear that there is considerable damage, then there are two phone calls that you need to make right away. The first is to your insurance company. When you call make sure that you have all documentation (photos, videos, written) ready to provide. Give detailed, accurate information that can help the Insurance Company as they begin the process of taking care of your home.

The second call is to a water damage repair company. Although you are under time constraints and need help fast, it is absolutely vital that you call a company that is certified, licensed, and experienced specifically in home water damage. The quality of work that is provided for you will ultimately determine the future stability of your home's structure and framework. Find a company that can help you right away. Remember, time is against you, so don’t go with a company that is willing to wait or put you off until tomorrow. An experienced company understands the sense of urgency that is involved in water damage repair.

Practice Safety

It is important to understand that the larger the damage, the more your home has been structurally compromised. For this reason, it is vital to stay away from the damage. There are many reasons for this. First, if you alter or clean up the site at all, then it's difficult for an insurance adjustor to make an accurate assessment upon arrival. Second, water damage means potential bacterial or viral infections that can lead to sickness or disease. Third, water damaged areas can lead to injury from stepping in the weak areas of the damage.

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