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Types Of Armonk Crown Molding – Choose The Best

Types of armonk crown molding choose the best

If done creatively, crown molding can transform your Armonk interiors in the most aesthetic manner. Crown molds, installed at the point where ceiling meets the walls, can either break or make your room décor. So, it’s important to choose the right type of molding that complements your interior décor.

Basically, moldings are designed to add a dash of style or sophistication to the room. For low-ceiling rooms, they render a sense of height. If you’re particular about your interior decorations, you must hire services for molding for a flawless installation. It’s easy to get top services, thanks to the internet.


The benefit of hiring crown molding services is that you get to choose from a wide range of ceiling medallions as well as decorative corbels. Reputable companies dealing with crown moldings have a vast collection of terrific designs in various materials. You are sure to find the one that suits your home style.

Before you call the services, you must be aware of the types of molding. It helps to have information about various aspects of décor to create a beautiful home.


  • Wood: Crown moldings of solid wood are popular. Usually, oak wood or mahogany is used. Although they might be a bit expensive, they render a classic look to the room.
  • PVC: The moldings of this material are resistant to moisture. These are great for damp rooms or high-humidity areas. But, you need to paint the moldings after installation because PVC tends to give an unfinished texture.
  • Polystyrene: This is an inexpensive plastic. If you’re reluctant to spend much on sprucing up your room ceiling, this is a good option for you. Like PVC, polystyrene gives an unfinished look, so you need to paint.
  • Plaster: Ready to spend dollars? Go for plaster moldings. They come in complex designs, which give them a unique look. The sheer artistry of these moldings always manages to take your breath away. If you believe in giving the best look to your house and wish to impress your guests, get plaster moldings. You can even get custom plaster moldings made. They are a bit pricey though.
  • Polyurethane: If you’re looking for a durable and cost-effective option, choose polyurethane crown molding. Its installation is simple, unlike wood moldings. Besides, they are rot and insect resistant. They promise to serve you for a long time because of this quality.

There are reputable Armonk plaster specialists that specialize in moldings made from polyurethane. Such companies have a huge collection of materials for creating a beautiful home interior. Choose from beautifully crafted ceiling medallions, wall niches, ceiling domes, and rafter tails to square columns, ceiling panels, window panels, and more. Apart from decorative corbels, you can get artistic emblems, and even curved moldings and casings.

If you think you need to spend a fortune in getting your home beautifully furbished, you’re wrong. So, forget plain ceilings and choose crown moldings. Let your room come alive!

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