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Top 3 Signs You Need Plaster Repairs

Top 3 signs you need plaster repairs

If your home has plaster, you’ll need to work with a plastering company for services over the years; it makes sense to opt to partner with a professional that specializes in this type of material. However, it’s not always as easy to spot the need for plaster repairs as you may think. Not all signs of distress are as apparent as a large crack in a visible location.

Don’t Ignore The Red Flags That Could Spell Trouble

Will you know when to call in a professional to inspect and possibly fix your plaster walls? Some of the most common signs of trouble are:

Soft Plaster

You’ll notice soft plaster is more common in older homes because that’s where you’ll find lath wall construction (using horizontal narrow wood strips filled with lime and sand.) As the foundation shifts, so do the materials, which compromises the material’s plaster coating. These soft spots leave the wall weak and are troublesome unless you have them repaired immediately.

Plaster Bubbles

Bubbles in the plaster are usually the result of water damage, but that can also be moisture damage from high humidity. Dampness in the walls will cause your plaster to bugle or bubble, and the next step is crumbling. You may also experience problems like mold, rot, and stains.

Cracking Plaster

Too often, a homeowner assumes cracks happen from settling and aren’t a big deal. However, they can be a sign of severe problems and will result in structural damage and expensive repairs. Look around doors, windows, corners, and ceilings and alert a professional if you notice even more minor cracks forming.

Please don’t wait for any of these problems to worsen before contacting a professional. You can count on Bestwall Plastering for expert advice and feedback. We’ll answer your questions and walk you through the process, including more affordable options whenever possible.

Our goal is to keep your walls in superior condition, so they serve you well for years, if not decades to come. Call us today in New York or New Jersey for the best service from a professional plastering company.

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